A well needed break…

After a lot of blows coming in quick succession here lately, we finally caught a glimmer of hope and were able to sneak away for a two day vacation in Dallas. It was LONG overdue and muchly appreciated.

My husband and I have been together for 10 years next month. In this time we’ve NEVER had a vacation where it was just us. So this was our first. And it was a smashing success. No discussing his work, or what’s going on with my mother in law. None of my insecurities or health shit. Just focusing on the things in front of us and boy it was precisely what the doctor ordered.

I intended to write more during these two days and post pictures and videos however I got caught up in living and didn’t do that at all. When we get home and settled I will do that. But until then I just want to say, if you can sneak away for even an afternoon, leave your town. Go somewhere else. Forget the stresses in your life for the entirety of this endeavor. Just focus on having a good time wherever you land. I assure you, when you go back home and reality returns to you, you will be in a better headspace to address it. Then rinse and repeat that periodically when you start feeling severely overwhelmed. That’s my wisdom. Unplug and Reboot as needed.

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